Relocating Discovery Opening Night

photos taken by Patrick Hough (thanks for that)

Thanks to all who attended the opening it was a great night, very exciting and encouraging!

you still have a chance to see the exhibition which is running from 11am – 3pm daily until the 22nd of November

The Exhibition was opened by Alison Hough

her speech was as follows:

I would like to welcome everyone to the inaugural show of the Basement Project Space, and thank you for coming. I feel lucky to be here to witness this event, as I see it as not just an art exhibition but a symbol of change.

For a long time now, Ireland has exported its talented, educated young people, and we have all been, in a cultural sense, the poorer for it. When I look around here today I see not just the artistic work, but also the fulfillment of a vision. I have witnessed the seeds of an idea take root in a neglected and abandoned space in Cork, and have seen this vision become a reality, through the hard work and passion of six people, Lorraine and Rachael McDonnell, Stephanie Hough, Claire Murphy, Paul Maguire, and Colm Madden. The work undertaken here is an example of how artistic development benefits the community. An abandoned space has been reinvented, opportunities created and connections made. The title of show, “Relocating Discovery”, is particularly appropriate in that it expresses what has happened here. Instead of leaving the country to find a place with more opportunities, these artists have created their own. In this way they have relocated the journey of discovery of their own art practice, rediscovering the potential of gathering together and creating not just work but optimism in the face of difficult times.

I would like to congratulate Monique Besten, from Amsterdam, and Alan James Burns for being selected for the Artists Residency here, and for the great work they haveĀ produced for this show. It is another great achievement of the Basement Project Space, to bring together such talented artists.

I would like to wish all involved the best of success with this venture, and I will now hand over to Monique Besten to say a few words about her experience here in Cork.


One response

  1. Claire

    What a fabulous night! Awesome space! Great Art!

    November 17, 2009 at 11:46 pm

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