List of Exhibitions/Events:

The Jitney Trio – 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th January

Finding Is Losing Something Else – Joe Coveney     2nd – 14th February

Rusted Satellites Gather And Sing – Jonathan Sammon (curated by Maeve Mulrennen)    18th – 27th February

Everything Is So Superb And Breathtaking. I Am Creeping Forward On My Belly Like They Do In War Movies – Martina McDonald & Kevin Kirwan     4th – 6th March

Sounding The Endpoint – Ann Maria Healy    11th – 17th March

An Open-Ended Enquiry – In/Elegant Formalism – Colm Desmond     19th – 29th March

Strangely Familiar – Aoife O’Brien     1st – 10th April

EYE-KEA Project     16th – 25th April

Desde El Dia De Los Muertos Hasta Semana Santa – Brian Barry     1st – 13th May

Available Light – Maximilian Le Cain     18th – 30th May

Studio Members Showcase     17th – 29th August

(Mercedes Fire     20th – 28th August)

Movement – Paul Delaney     16th – 30th September

Exhausting But Harmless – Barbara Ilse     22nd – 28th October

Just Keep Shopping (Everything Will Be Okay) – Sociable Science     20th November – 5th December

Cosy Christmas Cafe    10th – 15th December