The Podium#1 – Friday 29th Jan 2010 at 6pm


The Podium#1

will take place at Basement Project Space.

On Friday 29th Jan 2010 at 6pm

The Podium#1 is the first installment of a one night, once a month performance orientated event.

The artists who will present there work are:

Seamus Bradley

Title: From the texts of Icarus Crane


from the texts of Icarus Crane is part of an attempt to posthumously preserve and develop the legacy of Dublin based performance artist Icarus Crane.
Icarus Crane’s work deals with the darker side of the psyche and investigates the link between delusion, personal mythology and mythology in a wider sense.


Seamus Bradley is a student of Visual Arts Practice at DLIADT, specializing in performance, sound and video.

Colm Clarke

Title: Electrical Appliance Ensemble

This score of the EAE examines the potential of domestic instruments to transcend, it is composed from the vibration and resonance of kitchen appliances in servitude.


Colm Clarke develops his praxis as a tactile strategy focusing on the body and the relationship between the individual and the environment. His research focuses on the physical and conceptual dimensions of phenomena such as vibration and resonance in considering the mechanisms of socio/political entanglement and aesthetics of power.

Colm lives and works in Belfast. Clarke was co-director of Catalyst Arts (2006-8). He currently sits on the board of Bbeyond and is a founding member of ad hoc.

Stephanie Hough

Title: Porn From the Podium


Porn from the Podium is an experimental low-tech audio performance,

Where-by content is subverted, into a thought provoking non-narrative.


Stephanie Hough graduated with a BFA from the CCAD in 2005 and completed an MA titled ‘Art in the Digital World’ at NCAD in 2008. She is also a Co-Founder of the Basement Project Space in Cork city. Her practice utilizes her underlying humorous sensibility, and intelligently affix’s meanings to otherwise obsolete detritus of popular cultural excrement. Hough is interested in how perceptions are arrived at accepted norms, and chooses to hone in on and deconstruct these by whatever means available.


The Podium#1 takes place on Friday 29th January at 6pm

There may also be a surprise appearance by a mystery guest!

Bring your own booze if you want to.

(all donations from this event will go towards Haiti Relief!)


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