rusted satellites gather and sing

An exhibition by Jonathan Sammon

Curated by Maeve Mulrennen

Opening this thursday 18th February @6

Open daily from 19th-27th of Feb from 12-6pm


Jonathan Sammon will give a talk on th 27th of Feb. @ 2pm


For the Basement Project Space Jonathan Sammon will present recent works in drawing and video from an ongoing project which reflects his interests in dystopian Science fiction literature and film, particularly the works of Philip K Dick and Frederick Pohl. By playing with scale and the dislocation of time and space within both moving and drawn images the artist presents fragments of a dystopian world. The implication of infection looms large within the imagery, suggesting a possible source for these scenes of destruction and isolation but a definitive cause is not revealed.

Music plays an important role within the work. This is most apparent in the video piece ‘The Demolished Man’ (2008) whose specifically constructed score controls the rhythm of the imagery and is used to reinforce the idea of a repetitive act of regeneration and demolition. The influence of music is also present in the drawings as the artist drew inspiration from the music of Montreal band The Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra La La band during the development of this work.  The title of this exhibition is derived for one of their album titles.

Though there is an inherent sense of desolation to the world the artist is presenting the work itself is not completely devoid of humour. The scenarios presented aim to acknowledge a sense of hope that must exist for human beings to continue living, to continue moving forward, despite the darkness that surrounds them.

Jonathan Sammon received his BA in Fine art from the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology in 2006, specialising in Digital media. He recently completed his MA in Visual Arts practices from the Dun Laoighre institute of Technology. He lives and works in Galway.


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