Strangely Familiar

an exhibition of new work by

Aoife O’Brien

The exhibition will be opened by James Hayes (Visual Artist and Tutor at CCAD) on

Thursday 1st April at 7pm

The exhibition continues until the 10th April and is open 12pm – 6pm Daily

Artist’s Statement:
Visual perception i.e. Interpreting and understanding what we see, is thought to consist of 80% memory and 20% input through the eyes. I explore this estimation in my work by offering the viewer depictions or suggestions of imagery, which lead the viewer into his or her own interpretation of what is represented.
The aim of the work is to create pictorial spaces, which toy with the viewer’s impulse to believe in them. The fictional compositions hold a tension between reality and fantasy. Anonymity prevails; distancing the viewer from reality, yet the work is strangely evocative of places we sense we might know.

– Aoife O’ Brien

Aoife O’Brien graduated with a B.A, (Honours) from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2009
And is currently on a Post-Graduate Bursary at Backwater Artists Group.


One response

  1. Did ye get sponsorship? A good idea!
    Best of luck with this…

    April 7, 2010 at 10:52 pm

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