MERCEDES FIRE at Basement Project Space

We were delighted to give a tour of the studios, exhibition and give a presentation about Basement Project Space as part of


International Summer School

20th – 28th August 2010

Multiple venues, Ireland

Mercedes Fire is a themed summer school for contemporary artists. This year’s focus is the concept of monumentality and its relationship to a fast changing society. It invites artists from across the world to come to Ireland for eight days of touring workshops, gallery visits and guest lectures. Mercedes Fire offers the opportunity to develop new work and to network with well-known specialists in the field.

Mercedes Fire raises questions on how an event, history, person or ideology can be represented in the name of a public. Has the age of permanent sculpture past? How does society represent itself and its values through public sculpture? What would a monument for the future look like?


The touring summer school will begin in Cork, a city in on the south coast and home to some of Ireland’s most important art institutions. It will then move to Offaly, where it will be hosted by The Good Hatchery, a rural sculpture center with a reputation for developing ambitious art projects in a public setting. The summer school will culminate with a special event in Dublin and the opportunity to tour the city’s cultural venues.


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