Just Keep Shopping (Everything will be ok)

Basement Project Space


Just Keep Shopping (Everything will be ok)


Sociable Science (IRL/NI)

as part of ArtTrail 2010

NOV 19 – DEC 4

for further details of events and times visit the Sociable Science Blog:

Greetings from Sociable Science!
We would like to invite you to join us as we create “Just Keep Shopping (everything will be okay)”, a multi-faceted project beginning November 19th in Cork City as part of Cork Art Trail Festival 2010. We will be setting up shop in Basement Project Space on Camden Quay, where we will be printing our own money and researching local alternative economic systems. Check out our blog to find out about interesting talks and workshops, and if you have any wares you would like to hawk we might be interested in taking them off your hands at a competitive price.
Hope to see you there!
Sociable Science
Sociable Science is made up of artists Jan Uprichard, Sinead Conlon and Bernardine Carroll.
Join Sociable Science in their Talking-Social-Swap-DIY-Pop-up-Activist-Support-your-local-businesses-Drop-in-Workshop-Sustainable-economic-research-while-they-trade-and-float-a-new-currency Shop. Project info:Just Keep Shopping (everything will be okay) is an experiment by artist collective Sociable Science. Recent upheaval in the economy and currency markets have pushed people to examine their past ideologies and search for more utopian, sustainable models to live their lives. We have all had to consider how our lifestyles have contributed to the fall of the Celtic Tiger and many have made a conscious effort to curtail or avoid the current system considered responsible for the economic downturn. However how sustainable are these models? Sociable Science will use Just Keep Shopping (everything will be okay) as a site for testing the alternatives to a capitalist system. By day it functions as a regular shop, buying and selling goods and services . By night it becomes a Talking Shop, a place to run workshops and themed discussions with invited speakers concerning alternative economics. The key thread to the experiment is the introduction of a temporary currency the Debloom. This currency will be the sole currency traded in the shop, undergoing constant evaluation throughout the project duration, accounting for all of the interventions and fluctuations it undergoes. These open events will allow Sociable Science and those following the project to track and understand how monetary systems work and underpin everyday life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Group bio: Sociable Science are Jan Uprichard, Sinead Conlon and Bernardine Carroll, three artists based between Belfast, Dublin and London. Having completed their Masters together, they subsequently formed this collective in order examine current socio-political and economic issues. Through their participatory, dialogical practice they use the gallery as a site of engagement.


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