“Can Alternative Economics Pay The Bills?”

The next featured Discussion by Sociable Science is “Can Alternative Economics Pay The Bills?”
taking place on Tuesday 30th November at 6pm.

Sociable Science Statement:
With this event we wish to bring together local business representatives and representatives of alternative economic projects in the Cork area. As well as discussing the various alternatives to traditional trade and economics, we want to see if it is possible if such creativity in economics can be applied to or assist local small businesses. We have invited a number of speakers to come and present themselves, then pose a question about their business or area of interest to rest of the group.This forum is open to everyone, although it has a focus on local business’ and interests.

Confirmed Speakers:
Cork Free Choice – Caroline Robinson
Future Orchard Trust – Elaine Garde
Kinsale Transition town
U.C.C- Bridget Carroll
WWOOF Ireland

“Just Keep Shopping (everything will be okay)” Shop
Basement Project Space

This event is open to all and free to attend.


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