FUNAMBULISM opening March 18th at Basement Project Space at 6pm

Exhibition continues until the 26th March. Monday – Saturday 12-5pm

Artists talk by Laura Green on Saturday 26th at 3pm

FUNAMBULISM – a touring exhibiton curated by White Wolf, the joint curatorship team of Anne Hendrick & Ciara O’Hara.


ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from French funambule or Latin funambulus (from funis ‘rope’ +ambulare ‘to walk’ )

This touring exhibition brings together the work of two young international emerging artists – Laura Green and Elizabeth Tubergen. The title of this exhibition is ‘FUNAMBULISM’, the art of tight rope walking. For us the title represents the balancing act between all participants in this project, the artists, curators and artist-led spaces. The notion of balance and harmony is also a common thread in both artists’ work. A main aim of this project is to work in a collaborative manner, which meant tailoring the show for each individual gallery, devising the education programme with the spaces, and the two curators selecting the artists and artwork through various discussions that took place over a period of time. This in turn led to a dialogue between the curators and artists, as both artists are based abroad it meant a different form of communication and discourse is necessary in order for the project to succeed. Green, a graduate of Royal College of Art London, is a painter and sculptor based in the UK. There is a dialogue between painting and object in her work which Green describes as ‘Objects [that] slip off the picture plane and into the three-dimensional domain, raising questions about whether they are real or imagined and whether they reside in the past, present, future, or perhaps a space between’. A quiet contemplativeness permeates her work accentuated with her neutral palette and the tension between the physicality of her three dimensional work and the representational quality of her painting. Tubergen is an American artist who is currently based in New York, completing a MFA at Hunter College. Her work is concerned with memories, place and literature. Her project based work spans drawing, sculpture, photography, video and she often employs craft methods as an artistic medium. Her recent work has been concerned with distance and desire. She finds ‘inspiration in voids, pauses, memory, ephemera, place, narrative,habit, paradox, and the everyday’. Her work strives to fight dislocation and commands a reconsideration of space and locational identity. Both artists have a strong yet quiet quality to their work, charged with ideas of memory and place. They both work across different media and together their work creates an interesting and provoking conversation. This project and the artists’ work achieves an evocation of a literal and metaphorical balancing act. This exhibition is the first time both artists have exhibited in Ireland.


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