Basement Project Space
Opens 4th July 2011 at 6pm
Continues 5th – 7th July 12 – 5pm daily
A diverse exhibition including what might be described as Low-Fi Sci-Fi interventions, or social science fictional adventures into popular culture. A traveling morphing show, that takes inspiration from the Baudrillardian simulacral states at play in society.
The first leg begins at Basement Project Space as part of the AVANT festival in Cork city and continues to other spaces and places…
artists include but not limited to: Joan Healy, Stephanie Hough, Adam Gibney, Jonathan Mayhew and Semaus A. Bradley.

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for further details about The AVANT festival including line-up see:

check out the Socio-Fi facebook event page and follow The AVANT on their AVANT facebook page
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Adam Gibney’s recent work investigates technology’s effect on our surroundings and reality. Through video, sound, projection and installation, he constructs scenarios in which technology validates or disrupts reality. Through installations that both rely on and question technology, his work highlights in a playful manner the dark undertones that exist in our technological landscape. With the growth of mass-production and the media, objects have developed a reliability on technology to define their function and value. Gibney’s work highlights the relationship between viewer, object and technology. Inherent in his new work is a need to correct technological mishaps. Adam also plays an organisational role in the MART collective, based in Ireland and the U.K., with which he has exhibited and taken part in shows around Europe. web: e-mail:

Jonathan Mayhew: My practice is project based, utilising various media in the production of works from drawing, digital prints, painting and sound to ready-mades, sculpture and video. These projects share similar themes and interests, intersecting at various points. I am interested in sub and counter cultures from past and present and various other forms that exist on the edges of society or are at odds with society itself, the way in which they wish to negate the mainstream whilst using the same processes and tools for making and promoting their ideas. The images I use for the production of works and other source material are allowed to interact with each other creating a personal narrative. These open narratives are then grouped together by simple ideas or the points in which they intersect.  e-mail:

Joan Healy: Joan Healy is an artist and independent curator. Her work combines live and performance art, sculpture and paining. She recently co-organised Livestock, a bimonthly Live art night that acts as an open platform for experimental live performance at the Market Studios, Dublin. Her work has been exhibited across Europe and the US (Transnatural, Amsterdam; Bergen Kunsthall, Norway; STRP art and technology festival, Eindhoven and Shunt, London). UK and featured in various publications (Irish Independent, the RTE news, the Metro Herald, Kunstbeeld magazine, Make magazine and Neural magazine)for further info see      e-mail:

Seamus Bradley’s work covers a variety of media and is chiefly concerned with the observation and reproduction of chaotic systems in nature, the individual and in society.. For Socio-Fi, Seamus will contribute darkly humourous kinetic sculpture, text and digital imagery, taking cues from contemporary consumer culture and utopian, futuristic visions from the science fiction of the past.

Stephanie Hough: My work often derives from popular culture using various and disparate sources including television, social media and music. Using popular culture as a readily available raw material, in an attempt to subvert and unearth embedded imperceptible social structures. Rendering the kaleidoscope of cascading cultural codes partially visible, likened to viewing its essence through the fictional “x-ray specs” rather than viewing the entire actuality. I embrace aspects of culture not obviously visible or easily verbalized, I refer to many of my works as humorous renditions. web:  e-mail:


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