Manic Mesh – Opening reception August 4th @ 6pm

Lorraine McDonnell presents Manic Mesh – a solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings at Basement Project Space, Cork. The selected works are inspired by the use of pareidolia as a creative mechanism for image interpretation. Pareidolia can be defined as “..the act by which the brain incorrectly interprets patterns of light, shadows or textures as being familiar patterns such as faces or human forms…”.

Manic Mesh chronicles McDonnell’s most recent body of work which utilises a selection of web-based images, of motor engines and mechanical devices, as the stimuli for this creative mechanism. The process originates with McDonnell’s habitual act of drawing which informs the fundamental structure throughout the entire creative practice. With the use of a graphics tablet and image editing software the drawings become digitised and manipulated along with the web images to inform the final composition.

The overall process of the painting from its original inception to its conclusion, and deconstruction to reconstruction becomes an integral part of the extended meanings within the work itself. From sketch to found materials the sources are distilled and meanings extrapolated through compostions and colour arrangements. Manic Mesh is the resulting experimentation of these combined processes.


Lorraine McDonnell graduated from the Crawford College of Art & Design in 2005 with a B.A hons Degree in fine art. In 2009 she co-founded Basement Project Space and is currently on the board of members as Chairperson. McDonnell mainly uses the medium of painting and drawing, taking inspiration from graffiti, street art and contemporary illustration. More recently she has been experimenting with animation and digital painting.


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