Basement Project Space participate in Mad Props @ Mexico Project Space, Leeds, UK (29/09/11 – 02/10/11)


Our opening project invites the spaces and groups whose program or practice we admire and ethos we relate to, to contribute elements of their spaces to our own. Operating within a condensed time period of eight months, this initial project seeks to examine, and experiment with, established models in the hope to contextualise our activity.


Recognising the need to share with and learn from our contemporaries as well as the inevitable assimilation, appropriation and replication that occurs during this process. Mad Props seeks to make more visible the support structures and interdependency that creative practice relies upon.


Mexico Would like to thank the following contributors.


AC Institute (US)
Basement (IR)
C.A.C. (SLV)
Eastside Projects (UK)
Hinterconti (DE)
Kulter (NL)
Preteen (MX)
Rex (SRB)
Tether (UK)
Transponder (DE)
WE artspace (US)
Wharf Chambers (UK)


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