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PEER to EAR a series of talks, presentations and workshops 17th – 21st Jan 2011


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A series of talks, presentations and workshops

17th – 21st Jan 2011

Basement Project Space

Camden Quay

Cork city

Please note all events are free to attend

Further info regarding the events:

Monday 17th

12pm: David Killeen – Artist Talk (Switzerland 1935/2010)

For his talk David presents his recent photographic project: Switzerland 1935/2010

His work focuses into the notion of journeys through landscape. His current project is based in Switzerland following a journey of a couple who travelled to the country in 1935. Their specific trip is catalogued in a photo album that contains a selection of small photographs but also a map of the route that they took three quarters of a century ago. Last September he followed the same route as the couple did in 1935 photographing the many sites that they photographed. Replicating the trip created a voyeuristic experience for the viewer as a direct comparative piece by photographing to the day which the couple did previous 75 years ago. Bio: Born in Dublin in 1984, he started photographing at the age of 16 in secondary school. In 2004 he was accepted into the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork to study Fine Art for 4 years, receiving an Honors Degree. The following year he would carry on in his studies were by he was accepted into the MA in Photography and Urban Culture in Goldsmiths University of London. In that time he has exhibited internationally in Ireland, Britain and the U.S. and in April of last year he was chosen as guest speaker at then 9th International Festival of the Image 2010, Manizales, Columbia on aerial photography and the urban form. Currently he is living in London and continuing his work where is both exhibiting and presenting his series at number of events.


2pm:  Fiona Kelly – Artist Talk

For this talk Fiona will recount her experiences on Residencies and her personal practice developed on them and afterward. Fiona Kelly’s work is influenced by the surreal aspects of contemporary life and the vulnerability of the rural, in relation to the boon of the urban. In dealing with the vagaries of urbanization and the domestic, she adopts common place objects to address social concerns. By creating subjective narratives and humorous allegories, she molds a functionality for her individualized characters. Kelly works through a myriad of techniques and materials in reaction to her found environment. Selected Exhibitions include: 2010: The Self Portrait Collective, Ateliers BaZtille, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (Solo); Object’s Fables, Belmont Mill, Co. Offaly (Solo); 2009:The Kitchen Table, Rediscovering Locality, Art-trail, Cork City. Exchangesix, ZeroPrint Studio, Seattle, USA. 2008: Impressions, Galway Arts Centre, Galway City, 2007: Seljavegur 32; Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland, 2006: Death Swap; Cannonball press, AD HOC Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Tuesday 18th

12pm: April Gertler – Artist Talk

April Gertler will be talking about her work which will include a discussion about her practice, living in Berlin and her newest project PICTURE BERLIN. April Gertler is currently on Residency at Cork Artists Collective’s ‘The Guesthouse’ from Jan 7th – Jan 26th with a concluding exhibition at Basement Project Space opening on Thursday 27th Jan. April’s residency has been organized by Peggy Sue Amison Artistic director of Sirius Art center in Cobh and is held in conjunction with a traveling International festival ‘All my Lovin’                                          April Gertler received her BFA in Photography (1997) at the California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA and her MFA in Photography (2002) at Bard College, New York. April has been working and living in Berlin since 2005. She has most recently exhibited her work at AtelierFrankfurt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany; Pool Gallery, Berlin, Germany and Agent Double, Geneva, Switzerland. April’s work has been published in Capricious, Camera Austria, and ROJO Magazine. In the summer of 2009 April founded PICTURE BERLIN, a hybrid residency / art academy concentrating on issues in contemporary photography. PICTURE BERLIN comes on the heels of other collaborative projects April has started; such as an international critique group based in Berlin and collaborative curatorial projects as well.

2pm: John Adams – Talk & Screening

John Adams presents a film about squatted art gallerys he ran in London in the 1990’s. Inspired by the 1995 London Southwark Open, one of the largest exhibitions ever held in London (over 650 artists) and which he co-curated, he founded the Cork Art Trail in 1996 together with artist Suzy O’Mullane. While actively campaigning for the arts, he has always worked as a fulltime professional artist.

Wednesday 19th

12pm – 4pm: Knee-jerk – Fort Building workshop

4pm – 6pm: Knee-jerk – presents the results of the Fort Building workshop (on view to the public)

Knee-jerk are a multi-disciplinary Galway Based Artist Collective. Intrigued by the roles of creative control between the artist and viewer, by exploring this space for mediation, the collectives work is conversing between the proposition of their creative motives and the publics involvement with and intervention with the work. knee-jerk collective proposes to transform The Basement Project Space by hosting a Fort Building workshop. The workshop will be introduced to the participants  with a presentation by the Collective on Forts and alternative structures. Following on with an open discussion on this topic, the workshop participants will then, with the assistance of the collective become ‘Fort Architects’ and create a temporary fort structure. All materials will be supplied by the Collective. After the workshop has concluded, the fort will be open to the public to explore. By inviting the public to construct and engage with this interstitial space, knee-jerk aim to provoke the question surrounding the autonomous use of space and ultimately dramatize contemporary issues in relation to architecture, planning and how our individual identity and interests are negotiated through these spaces. There are limited places in the workshop. To sign up, please email your name to The workshop will begin at 12 noon Wednesday 19th January. The fort will be open for the public to view from 4- 6pm on the same day.

Thursday 20th

12pm: Stag and Deer – Talk

Stag & Deer is a curatorship project to facilitate emerging artists’ needs by giving a contemporary art space to exhibit work. Our goal is to showcase emerging contemporary art to the public without overbearing the art itself. We plan to do this by having exhibitions in “guerrilla galleries” under our own curatorship. These “guerrilla galleries” are spaces that do not have a permanent position. We intend to move our space for each exhibition/season to highlight different possibilities for art presentation and the possibilities for Cork City to showcase emerging art in a contemporary art context.

2pm: Mitch Conlon – Camden Quay C.R.P (Crime Reduction Programme) Workshop

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create a crime-free Camden Quay for every resident and visitor. Well Mitch Conlon’s Feng-Shui Flower School have the answer in this workshop that will make you the envy of your friends when they see the fantastic flower arrangements you will be able to make after doing this course!. All are welcome, especially Camden Quay residents. This is a interactive workshop that aims to question the absurd potentialities of feng-shui for a community, how this small community can create their own social transformation and to promote the communication of information as a creative process. Mitch Conlon is a Sligo born artist based in Galway who graduated from GMIT in 2008 with first class honours. After recently completing his Hdip in education in LSAD he is now a member of the artist collective Kneejerk. He primarily works in performance and new media.

Friday 21st

12pm: BPS – Talk

Stephanie Hough will talk about Basement Project Space including the who, how and why. Stephanie Hough is a Cork based visual practitioner with a BA in Fine Art from CCAD and an MA (Art in the Digital World) from NCAD Dublin, Hough is a founding member of Basement Project Space.

2pm: Maureen Considine – Talk: ‘Photography, the peoples medium’

Photography as a revolutionary medium because of its unique properties: accessibility and automatism. Maureen will present a talk about photography including theoretical and personal observations relating to her research interests. Maureen is a Cork born visual artist with a BA in Fine Art from CCAD and an MA in Art History from UCC and is on the Board-Member of Basement Project Space.

4pm: Art in CONTEXT – open discussion group (Participatory Practices)

Art in CONTEXT is a monthly discussion group held at BPS, it is open to anyone to attend.


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